Nicole "Nik" Rivers, is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO), a Financial Freedom Advocate specializing in educating and empowering clients about mortgages, and wealth building. 

Armed with financial expertise honed at companies like Jersey Mortgage, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Nicole, coaches first-time home buyers using informative tools, tips and advice; empowering clients to make decisions that support visions of financial freedom and stability. She understands that the purchase of a home is not only the largest investment clients make but often the biggest debt they incur, so she analyzes borrower finances from a holistic standpoint, by factoring in the impact of a mortgage on the current and future goals of her clients. She believes that information backed by action is powerful and transformative. 

As a 2013 Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy graduate, and charged with a mission to lead through service, Nicole guides clients along the path to home ownership and encourages the development of a 'wealth mindset'. 

When she is not running her business, Nicole enjoys spending time with friends and family. Her favorite things include: chai tea lattes, french fries, leisurely Saturday visits to local book stores, feeding her inner foodie on wild culinary adventures, serving and volunteering with her church community, researching new entrepreneurial pursuits, and cultivating her passions for women's empowerment, travel and interior design.