Community Feature: Meet Chicago Realtor Makeda Smith

What is Your Name?

Makeda Smith

Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Chicago IL

How long have you been working in your field? 

I've been a licensed Real Estate Broker for the last 12 years.

What is your area of expertise? 

I specialize in the selling and leasing of residential and commercial properties. This includes Multi-family buildings, condo, townhomes, new construction and detached single family homes.

What 3 words would you use to describe your brand? 

Real Estate, Wealth and Legacy. I help consumer build their legacy through wealth in Real Estate so they leave an inheritance for their families and not debt.

One thing you wish more homebuyers, homeowners, or investors knew? 

I wish more homebuyers and homeowners treated every purchase like an investor. Setting short term and long term financial goals, regardless to whether or not they plan to sell in a few years or never. All purchases are investments that have the potential to be either an asset or a burden. You never know what situation will arise in the future and you must prepare for it by being strategic. Planning with a professional will help more buyers make a well informed financial decision prior to purchasing real estate.

What do you do to make your interactions with clients memorable? 

I make sure to have a private consultation with each buyer so that I can make sure of their needs and goals prior to taking them out to look at homes. This sets the tone of professionalism and care for my clients best interest at heart.

How do you find clients? 

80% of my clients are referrals from family, friends, and other professionals in the same industry. The other 20% are from my corporate (Banks, Lenders) clients.

Name one of your favorite places to eat or shop in your local market/area.

I am constantly shopping at our local Mariano's. I can grab groceries, ready-made lunch and great smoothie all in one visit. They have a small café section with Wi-Fi for a busy realtor like myself. In addition, our local Downtown Plainfield area has amazing boutiques and restaurants for all types of people. In the summer there is a display of antique vehicles. Local residents love touring these cars built in the mid 1900s. The owners are even more excited to put them on display. This is the only they can drive below the speed limit and not get a ticket. :)

Describe one of your most memorable transactions/ clients. 

I recently closed three different transactions with women who were seniors. They thought they would never own a home. All throughout the process, they remained skeptical just from their past experiences and lender conditions. It was a joy to see each one of them walk away from the closing table with their keys in hand. This is one of the greatest gifts we get working in our industry, putting home ownership into the hands of buyers.

What inspires you to do what you do in your career? 

I want to put as many people as I can in the position of ownership.

How do you find work/life balance? 

I find that balancing my work and life schedule to be a work in progress. I am a wife of 19 years and a mother of 22 years in addition to running a full time real estate career. You just find a way to make it work.

What is your favorite Real Estate or Personal Finance book? 

My favorite Real Estate Book is the "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent". It not so much about making millions, but having a million dollar lifestyle by taking care of yourself and leveraging your time.

Name the last book you read. 

The last book I ready was "Miracle Morning" for Real Estate Agents. This book helps you get up early and create a system to your morning so that you are 100% throughout the day.

How would you like to be remembered? What is your legacy? 

I would like to be remembered not for being a Top Real Estate producer, but for treating people with the utmost dignity, integrity, respect and most of all kindness.

Name one success habit that has been a "game changer" for you. 

The one success habit that has changed my growth is creating a vision board. This is my second year in a row and it has been a game changer for sure. If you see it, you can achieve it. I have accomplished more in the first 5 months of 2016, than I have all of last year when it comes to growing my business. I have also, surrounded myself with likely minded women in business.

What's next for you? Future goals. What are you working on ? 

I am currently writing several EBooks. My goal is to have a digital catalog teaching consumers how to save and grow their money through real estate. I am working on launching a new site that will host my products. My goal is to leverage my time and resources by creating virtual products that can be purchased online.

Where can we find you? How can you be reached? 

You can find me everywhere on social media @makedasrealty. I am heavily on Instagram and Periscope. Here I share homes buying and selling tips. You can also reach me online at